We are grateful for every family we have had the opportunity to serve, and we are humbled by their testimonials of our efforts.

“Mom looked beautiful. When I walked in and saw her, I said, “Now THAT! is my mother!” She had looked so bad and Dave worked so hard to make her up considering her condition when he got her. She did NOT look dead. She looked like she was asleep. I have been to funeral homes where the person looked waxy and makeup caked on. Mom looked so natural and for that I praise them greatly. He made her leave this world looking like she would have wanted to look...Dave has an excellent organization and I will sing his praises to anyone and everyone who will listen. His compassion and expertise in getting things done was well noted by ALL in my family.” –Barbara B.


“Katie and Dave Anthony made what had to be done a little easier to bear and I am grateful for them both. What compassionate people they are and a blessing to those who grieve a loss.” –Anita C

“We felt blessed to have Dave as our funeral director. Dad’s calling hours and funeral day were beautiful, and his planning helped. Thank you!” –Brian, Lisa, Nate, Matt, and Josh G.

“Dave is truly a gift from God. His care for us in Akron as well as in bringing Dad to Henrietta and his leadership at the cemetery are all greatly appreciated.” –Lisa V.

"Could not have been more pleased with my husband's natural, relaxed appearance. No strong odors or chemicals. And I am so glad (Dave Anthony) was there in Henrietta, NY. His presence and contributions were a great comfort." -Lisa P. 

“Everyone was very helpful and caring from the beginning to the end.” –Marty N.

“Our mother looked elegant! We received many compliments on her beauty and natural appearance. We truly appreciated Mr. Anthony’s detailed preparation and communication, thoughtful assistance, and kind guidance by him and his staff. We were very pleased by the services.” –The Carver Family

"Eric and his associates did a wonderful job assisting with arrangements for both my mother and father. We highly recommend them." -Nathan B.

"(Dave's) help, thoughtfulness, skill, patience, and contributions made a difficult and painful time more bearable." -Lisa P.

"David, you are truly a man of honor. You had a special place in my mother's heart and she was so right. Thank you for all you have done for us." -Cynthia P.

“We were very happy with the services that we received and we will gladly recommend them to other family members and friends when the need arises.” – Amy, Jeff, and Nikki E

“Their dedication and attention to detail are the best. They have time and time again proven to our family they have great customer service and compassion. We will continue to refer friends and family to this business.” –Paul, Robyn, Anthony, and Vincent T.

“We appreciated all the support from the entire staff; it truly made a difference during this difficult time.” –The Wojtkow Family

"We were very pleased with everything. It is very much appreciated." -Shelley, Jimmy, and Bryan C.

“David and his staff brought light and comfort to our family during this difficult time.” –Paul, Kim, Emily, and Steve W.

"Thank you again, Dave, for all your help, professionalism, guidance, and care in dealing with all the funeral arrangements." -Maria S.

“David and his staff went above and beyond for everything. I cannot thank them enough for taking control of the situation and taking it out of my hands.” –Barb J

“Katie did a beautiful job honoring our sister. The Anthony family is kind and respectful while also being realistic about what needs to be done when someone dies.” –Ann, George, Paul, Teresa, and Margaret A.

“It was a pleasure to work with Dave.” –Jesse G.

"Their kindness and consideration were gratefully appreciated." -The Family of Mary McAlister

“Dave, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate what a nice job you did for Betty’s funeral.” –John R.

“Mom’s presentation was absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen anyone laid out so nicely and she has not looked that well for years.” –Rosie N.

“Mr. Anthony’s guidance during the funeral Mass was exceptional.” –Andy B

“Everything was seamless and we are very grateful.” –Sophia B.

“We felt very loved.” –Elise B.

“Meeting with our family prior to the funeral, Eric walked us through the process, explained what to expect and helped us to feel ready to bid Don farewell. He coached and guided us throughout the day. And we felt very secure because of his efforts.” –The Gault Family


“Words cannot express how much we truly appreciated the support Eric provided to our family during such a difficult time. He was professional, kind, caring, and compassionate.” –The Zuchowski Family


“Katie made the process so much easier with all her help and patience with all our concerns. She is wonderful at her job and we were so blessed to work with her.” –Larry, Justin, and Katie


“Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, beautiful service, and beautiful flowers. Everything was so very comforting to our whole family.” –The Sesto Family


“If it wasn’t for Dave and his kindness and generosity, I don’t know what I would have done under my circumstances. This world would be a much better place with more people like Dave. I would also like to thank his wonderful family and staff for being so cordial and helpful. His business practices are proof why they are so successful.” –Bill H


“Mr. Anthony, the English language does not have words to convey my deep appreciation for Dave’s kindness, empathy, and caring attitude he extended to my children and I during Fritz’s mourning. He cared enough to follow our wishes in every way.” –Pat W.


“David, thank you so very much for all your kindness and compassion for our family during the recent loss of our grandson, Alexander. We were truly blessed with your patience and understanding during one of the most difficult times in our lives.” –John and Debbie M.


“Thank you for your gracious caring and support in the loss of our infant great grandson, Alexander. The compassion of you and your staff helped us all during this difficult time and have given us hope and peace.” –Bill and Mary W.


“Dave did a wonderful job with my mother, Ann. He made my family feel very comfortable.” –Tom A.


“Thank you so very much for creating such a lovely funeral for Mom and for managing it seamlessly and guiding us all through it. It was a difficult day made gentler by the efforts of Dave and his staff.” –Joan S.  


“Dave, we know you are ‘just doing your job’ but you make it your mission. We appreciate you more than you know at these difficult times. You ease our hearts and our minds.” –Danny and Rachel


“David, I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the beautiful service you provided for my Grandma. The flowers you bought for her were above and beyond a beautiful gesture. She thought a lot of you and I can see why.” –Anne Marie


“We were so comforted because we knew we were in good hands. Dave said and did just the right thing. He led us through it all, and made everything flawless. It was a wonderful tribute to Joe.” –Carolyn C.


“Eric, thank you for all of your help as I went through the death of both of my patents. I truly appreciate all you did—organizing all of the details, following up with me, the DVDs of my parents, etc. It was a huge relief knowing you had everything done.” –Elizabeth M.


“Dear Eric and Katie, your father can be very proud of you both as you continue the good ways that he practices. Your help made things go smoothly and your care made a difficult time easier.” –Pat B.   


“Dave, you really have a gift. Know that it is recognized and appreciated!” –Gary and Patti P.


“We cannot begin to thank you all for making our mom’s funeral service so nice. Your compassion and kindness were appreciated. So many people told us how beautiful she looked. We are blessed to have you in our lives.” –The Conjerti Family


“Thank you and all of your employees for the thoughtful card you sent to me on my dear mother’s first anniversary of death. It truly touched my heart. What a thoughtful gesture of closure.” –Pat T.


“How special Eric was to make us laugh during a difficult time. Mr. Dave Anthony is a true gentleman and blessed with the God-given talent of helping and guiding others in their grief.” –The Family of Barbara Null-Bergdorf


“Everything looked beautiful and felt very warm and loving. You all gave Randy a good send-off.” –Kelly and Brian H.


“My mother would have liked the care you took for her.” –The Charney Family


“Everything was beautiful and just what Kellie would have wanted.” –Lee Ann, Steve, and Ryan


“The people Dave serves with dignity, in this area, have been truly blessed with his and his family’s ministry in the funeral and bereavement business.” –Bonnie G.